Redefining how you
write and read books

Crowdpub is a decentralized way of writing books by dozens of authors and reading them as a live experience in which you can participate, with financial incentive.

Publishing redefined

Crowd publishing

Imagine a book written by 50 people. Including you.

Not having time for writing an entire book? What about a single page? Or paragraph?


Participate in voting for changes suggested by other authors and readers.

Redefining how you<br /> <span>write</span> and <span>read</span> books
Reading redefined

Book 3.0

Imagine a book that is constantly becoming.

A stream of updates coming from dozens of co-authors and readers with financial incentive to make it better.


People read, suggest fixes and earn from future sales.

Feel interested?

No matter if you want to become an author, translator or just a reader, jump in to our waiting list. We will keep you updated about the project progress, upcoming events and other interesting related materials.

Collaborative book writing

Collaborative book writing

Thanks to the provided collaboration platform and community, multiple authors may work altogether on a single book. With the help of blockchain technology that tracks every single change from all authors, Crowdpub can calculate and distribute the final revenue for each and every one of them in a trustless environment.

Moreover, all changes are voted based on the on-chain reputation system to avoid frauds and manipulations from any bad potential participants.

Book writing becomes a trully decentralized autonomous organization.

Problems solved for authors

Problems solved for authors

  • Avoid huge time-effort - working together with dozens of authors, where every chapter is a product of multiple contributions and suggestions makes it much less painful. Simply put, it is much easier to write 20 pages than 200 pages of content!
  • Owning more royalties - no more 10% royalties. Crowd publishing connects high royalties with the support of the community and collaborative work on the book.
  • No niche topics worries - if you’ll find enough co-authors you can work together on whatever you believe will be read.
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Problems solved for readers

Problems solved for readers

  • No more outdated books - in crowd publishing there is a financial incentive to constantly update already published books. Both from multiple co-authors and from readers themselves
  • Resell posibility - thanks to Crowdpub you can sell an e-book after reading it.
  • Bad editing, typos and errors - crowd publishing backed by an on-chain platform allows a structured, automated, voted and accountable feedback loop
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The best of traditional and self-publishing

The best of traditional and self-publishing

Crowd publishing takes what’s the best from both current models of publishing
  • Traditional publishing - giving support during the process of book writing, providing the whole framework of making a book from the very first idea till the book publication, having editors, translators and marketing platform.
  • Self-publishing - giving much better royalties and control over your book while not overwhelming you with the amount of lonely work.

Possible Roles

What role will you play
in the Crowdpub network?



Propose a book or participate in writing other books.

Become a co-author and earn precisely calculated royalities based on the amount of work you have contributed.

Even if it's a single page or paragraph!

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It's not just about reading, which is interesting by itself, for sure.

Having a special reader access, you can also help making a book better.

Propose fixes of typos or other errors and earn some small part of royalties!

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Founder (NFT)

Founder (NFT)

If you like the idea you can help to make it happen. As a reward, various bonuses will wait for you.

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