Become a Founder

why is it worth it?

Be a Pioneer

As a Founder, you're not just part of the Crowdpub journey - you're creating it. Help shape the future of publishing and leave a mark on an industry!

Unlock Unique Rewards

Founders enjoy exclusive perks and bonuses. This includes financial rewards! Imagine supporting Amazon when it was just created and no one has heard of it yet.

Represented as Digital Asset

The Founder's role is represented as a so-called digital token (you may have heard of NFTs and blockchain) so you can, for example, resell it on the open market whenever you want and to whomever you want.

Be part of the Community

Being a Founder means joining a community of innovators, writers, and readers who are passionate about changing the publishing landscape. Your role as a Founder helps to support a platform that offers better opportunities for authors and more engaging experiences for readers.


Membership in the Founder Community entitles you to:

free e-book copy of each and every publication that will be released by Crowdpub
receiving rewards in exchange for Staking NFT Founder - 5% from the book income goes to Founders
participate in voting on the activities, projects and directions of Crowdpub - with financial incentive to do so
access to the closed part for Founders on our Discord server
just expect more rewards and benefits in future...

Don't hesitate!

If you like the idea of crowd publishing and Crowdpub, join as a Founder - you can currently do so by purchasing a Founders NFT digital token (aka "NFT mint"):


Previous round

Thanks to family & friends Founders pre-sale initial capital has been collected to start up the whole idea - including the most important parts like legal, tooling and initial marketing and brand buildig.